Powder Monkey Espresso Blend

Powder Monkey Espresso Blend

$13.00 – $45.00

A powder monkeys’ job was to keep the cannons and guns on deck constantly loaded with gunpowder. A gruelling and dangerous task, but utterly important for the survival of the crew during sea battles.

The consistent all-rounder. Powder Monkey is intricately designed to be satisfactory as black coffee, or a sweet yet rich milk beverage.

The key element to constructing this blend was to incorporate more delicately sourced coffee, to bring out sweeter and more unique highlights in the cup. A washed Colombian is always used as the base to the blend to give round chocolates and caramels. While the other two constituent parts are sourced from around the world, with diverse fruit characteristics in mind. There is always one natural processed coffee to bring forward an abundance of sweetness.All our espresso blends are seasonal, as coffee is a seasonal product and should be kept as fresh as possible. This is why we chose a Colombian as the base of this blend. Not only do Colombian coffees have a consistently balanced cup, but in recent years many Colombian farmers have included a mid-season harvest. This gives the farmers a steadier income year-round, and offers the consuming countries a consistent product, without compromising quality.

Origins: Colombia El Jardin, Peru Cajamarca, Colombia Alonzo Benitez

Milk chocolate base, with rich caramels through the mid palate, finishing with cherries and stone fruits.


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