Costa Rica Villa Hermosa

Costa Rica Villa Hermosa

Costa Rica Villa Hermosa

$18.50 – $53.00
Region: Central Valley
Farm: Villa Hermosa
Altitude: 1600 m
Variety: Villa Sarchi 409
Processing: Honey

Villa Sarchi was originally a natural mutation of the Bourbon varietal. Unlike Bourbon, Villa Sarchi naturally mutated into a dwarf strain. This became notable to farmers in the 50’s and 60’s due to the increase of density between lots, and the ease of harvest. It wasn’t long before farmers began to cultivate new strains to increase disease resistance. Hence the number 409, being the 409th hybrid strain of Villa Sarchi. Costa Rica has had a rich coffee culture since the arabica plant was introduced into the central valley in the early 1700’s. They were one of the first Central American countries to have a coffee industry, and the Costa Rican government has since invested quite prominently in the exportation of green coffee. Costa Rican’s well-established coffee trade has garnered a respect from importers in regards to consistency and quality.This lot was fermented with the flesh still attached to the bean (honey). This increases the sweetness and body in the cup, while still retaining the clarity of washed coffees.

Green apple upfront, deepening into lemon and fresh apricots, finishing with caramels.






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