Broadside Espresso Blend

Broadside Espresso Blend

$12.00 – $40.00

Much like the power of the broadside cannons on a pirate captain’s man o’ war, our signature espresso blend is sure to blow your socks off and strike fear in the hearts of any privateer.

Our original house blend, boasting rich flavours to compliment milk-based beverages. The blend only consists of two beans, to keep flavours balanced.

Each bean is sourced from either south or central America, and grown above at least 1500m to obtain a dense cherry.The density, and larger bean sizes allows a lot of leeway on the roast spectrum, and the addition of a bit of extra heat gives the fudge like characteristics in the cup.

All our espresso blends are seasonal, as coffee is a seasonal product and should be kept as fresh as possible. This is why we chose a Colombian as the base of this blend. Not only do Colombian coffees have a consistently balanced cup, but in recent years many Colombian farmers have included a mid-season harvest. This gives the farmers a steadier income year-round, and offers the consuming countries a consistent product, without compromising quality.

Origins: Colombia El Jardin, Peru Cajamarca

Dark chocolate, treacle, citrus, rich and fudgy.


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