Not all treasure is

gold and silver


Founded in 2017, Pirate Coffee blends together a passionate crew of coffee professionals with one common appreciation – coffee in all its forms, from the ground right through to the cup. Pirate Coffee combines four committed coffee professionals that each possess a unique skill which extends across all areas of the industry, from education, to customer service, to roasting excellence.

Located in the leafy suburbs of Brisbane, our mission at Pirate is to serve fine coffee, educate coffee drinkers and ultimately inspire our community to come together around our favourite thing… a great brew!

Pirate Coffee has created approachable and diverse roasts that are consistent in brewing and boast unique flavour profiles, whether you’re ordering at our roastery or pouring at home. Pirate Coffee guarantee perfect pours by not only providing you with supreme roasts, but also delivering exceptional training and support. We encourage engagement with our Pirate Coffee crew, and insist on delicious coffee.  

Coffee art